Phoenix Qigong
Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing
with text and photos
paper back book
This book is recommended to be read in conjunction with the DVD on the "Basics" and/or the DVD on the "Practice" for a better illustration of the inner thoughts manifested by the movements in the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong.

To summarize

This book and the system Phoenix Qigong covers:

why and how the slow motions bring about benefits to health,

energy gathering,

energy accumulation,

dan tian (the inner core) formation,

the method and explanation of how energy can pass through channels in the body benefiting health,

the method and explanation of how energy from the channels regulates the flow in the meridians benefiting health,

how energy flows through motivation,

joint relaxation through proper posture,

rounding the motions and shifting of balance through ideal angles and directions in the movements.

Energy flows build up momentum.

Circles travel in straight lines.

Straight lines are propelled by spirals.

It does not mean commanding the movements could render a direct manipulation of energy in the desired routes. The accomplishment builds up gradually on daily routine practice over time.


The sensation has to be felt instead of created. And the practice has to go with a tranquil mind. There are methods to go with the training. I need to document the crucial aspects of the practice as a reference for the long term of refinement. 

A recent review on the book "Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing" 
by Dr. Pallavi Rainer

I purchased the “Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessings” e-book in mid-2015. One year later, I can honestly say that that was one of the wisest investments I have made. Master Lok tackles a complex subject in a clear and concise manner.
The book is well organized. The information, mnemonics and integrated videos have truly helped deepen my practice. I have also found that this book can be useful as a reference guide for life situations as well as deepening understanding of the world around us. I often find myself reaching for the book for an explanation or reminder, sometimes on a daily basis.
This book and the wisdom contained is a treasure, and I highly recommend it. 

Dr. Pallavi Raina

30 July 2016

Book review by Dr. Glenn Sunshine


Joe Lok’s Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessings is without doubt the finest book and instruction on qigong I have read.


It has a number of features that make it unique among qigong resources. First, the book has thorough explanations of the theories that underlie the practice of qigong. Much of this is “closed door” teaching that traditionally would only be taught publicly. As a Westerner, Daoist theories of health are foreign to me, but Master Lok presents them in a way that even I can understand them. The explanations are clear enough for beginners, but even more advanced practitioners will benefit from the discussion. This is remarkable in itself: it is very difficult to write a book that can benefit both experienced and novice practitioners, yet somehow Master Lok has managed to do so.


The book is more than just theory, however. It includes instruction in a complete system of qigong. Reference can be made to the dvd of Master Lok performing the form and teaching the individual movements. The videos give basic instruction, while the text supplements the videos with more detailed explanations of the internal dimensions of the movements. In other words, it doesn’t just tell you what to do, it tells you why. This again is unique with both live qigong instruction and the books I have read on the subject. Add to that concrete suggestions on how to go about practicing the form, and you have a very effective system of instruction that can be implemented virtually immediately.


I have been practicing the first few movements of the form on a nearly daily basis. Initially, my practice did not generate the feeling of qi in my body. Even without this, however, I received physical benefits from my practice, including realigning my spine and undoing kinks from vigorous exercise.


As I have begun paying close attention to details I had missed in my initial practice, I have begun feeling the energy in my body. This is more than I have gotten in the taiji or qigong practice I have done and is a mark of the effectiveness of Master Lok’s teaching. I cannot recommend this book too highly. It is an excellent resource for any practitioner of qigong, taiji, or any of the internal arts; it is also a great complement for people who work out hard and need something to help them maintain a balance in their physical activities.

Glenn Sunshine, PhD

Jun 3, 2014