Nine Ways Eight Methods

Natural Energy Daogong embraces energy from heaven and earth to assist in the circulation of energy in the eight channels to reconcile, through either draining or infusing, any imbalance of energy flow in the twelve meridians.


When the circulation in the twelve meridians is smoothened, the functioning of the corresponding twelve internal organs will be improved. Then, the organs absorb nutrition and resist illness better. Through improved metabolism they excrete toxic elements and improve immunity. 



In Daogong there are eight forms - phoenix, horse, tiger, dragon, lion, qilin, eagle and crane, representing nine ways, wuji, tai chi, three tiers, four phases, five elements, six harmony, seven stars, eight trigrams and nine palace. They are all methods of dao yin (energy circulation) for health and longevity. 

Nine Ways Eight Methods

Daogong - Nine Ways Eight Methods makes reference to the manner of the eight auspicious animals and aligns them with the nine phenomena of nature.


1. Wuji

Before the commencement of the universe or tai chi there is no substance or phase. It is super nature and not describable by words. There is no stance in this form or there is no form. The practice is purely natural.

2. Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing - Commencing Tai Chi 

3. Horse Leaping up to the Sky – Heaven, Man and Earth

4. Tiger Crossing Mountains – Four Phases

5. Dragon Drifting in the Four Seas – Five Elements in Sequence

6. Lion Embracing Ball – Six Harmony

7. Qilin Healing Dao – Rotation of the Seven Stars 

8. Eagle Bagua – Infinite Evolution

9. Crane in nine palace – Guarding Heaven and Earth