鳳舞祥雲   Phoenix Qigong 
  Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing
DVD for the "Practice"
A form for the perfection of Tai chi​
A DVD for the perfection of the form

鳳舞祥雲 回春法

易筋洗髓 九連珠

天人合一 明心性

運轉乾坤 太極圖

龍門氣功 武當武術 








鳳舞祥雲 養生氣功

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing rejuvenates.
Energy through the joints revitalizes body and mind,
purifying the essence, merging with nature.
Heaven and earth rotates in tai chi diagram.

Dragon Gate Qigong 

Wudang Martial Art

The Phoenix Qigong imitates the rotation of the earth. 

Through circular motions, the hands act as a guidance enhancing the internal flow of energy that comes with life. Internal energy is like blood. It is there in everybody by birth. 

Positive energy is gathered and built up to flow in order to clear blockages and strengthen the functioning of the internal organs, and make up the losses caused by wear and tear of everyday life.

Exercising through tai chi like motions, energy is directed through the governing channels in the human body to balance the strength of internal organs, like ocean currents flowing through invisible channels across the oceans to regulate global climate. 

The improved organ functions improve immunity, resist illness, revitalize rejuvenation. The special exercise methods relieve pain, ease stress and calm the mind.

The practice is simple and easy to learn with precise indications for building up a strong foundation. While the learning is easy, the benefits of this practice last a life time.

Joe Lok

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Reviews on the DVD 


by Wes Mollison

It has been a few years since Sifu Lok released his in-depth e-book training manual to his qigong system - ‘Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing’. In that time, the popularity of the system has spread around many parts of the globe and has been recognised and embraced by a large number of tai chi and qigong practitioners as a highly refined, effective and efficient Taoist holistic health practice.

This new instructional DVD is the perfect complement to the original book, and serves as an excellent introduction to the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds system, as well as being a very welcome training tool to practitioners who are both already studying or teaching the system.

There are myriad reasons why ‘the Phoenix’ has become so popular so quickly with tai chi & qigong practitioners: the detailed depth of the methodology, its authenticity in Taoist wisdoms, and the positive physical & psychological benefits that are produced from the practice. Despite what some may claim, there are no short cuts to the high levels of the internal arts – yet the Phoenix is a refined distillation of a lifetimes study into tai chi, qigong and Dragon Gate neidan (internal cultivation work), compiled by a master of the craft, that produces excellent results in a relatively short space of time, if one is prepared to make the effort.

A special component to Phoenix Qigong is that, in addition to the 16 individual qigong movements that can be repeated in sequence similar to other qigong methods – they also ultimately converge to create a short, graceful and highly therapeutic moving Tai chi qigong form. 

I have many students who want to learn a tai chi form purely for health or as a moving meditation, and have no interest in the martial applications of a traditional form that may take 10 or 20 minutes to perform, and many months of learning just the basic choreography. For such needs, the Phoenix form is absolutely perfect. It is embedded with high-level Taoist health wisdoms, and yet takes just a few minutes to perform. It is a powerful concentrate. It is simple, yet has not been simplified. It flows like water, but has not been watered down. For seasoned practitioners with years of experience, the forms depth and authenticity are soon felt – and can become a significant addition to one’s daily regimen, as well as an excellent tai chi qigong form for students.

 It is this form that the DVD pays most attention to.


“Human imitates Earth. Earth imitates Heaven. Heaven imitates the Way.”

In the DVD’s introduction, Sifu Lok reminds us of the intrinsic relationship between Heaven, Man & Earth in relation to the Tao (the ‘way’ of the universe) - and that by cultivating a naturalness of being through movement and intention, that imitates natural processes, we ourselves may merge closer to the Tao, and alleviate any unnecessary tension and disharmony in the mind and body. In so doing, the form places great emphasis on observed natural phenomenon together with the highly symbolic animals of Taoist alchemical practice, the Dragon and (of course) the Phoenix.

As such, the practitioner finds themselves moving through a flow of stances such as: ‘Sun & Moon rotation’ ‘Tide splashes the Thrusting River’, ‘Mist turning Pearl’ & ‘Phoenix faces the Morning Sun’.
Whereas the previous book goes through the internal meaning of each movement in detail, the DVD takes us through each step, posture and movement of the form to provide a basic foundation from which to go on and cultivate inner refinement.

What pleased me a lot with the DVD is that Sifu Lok’s dedicated and sincere approach to teaching and instruction translates excellently through the video medium. I have been very lucky to have spent many hours privately with Sifu Lok, and experienced first-hand his infectious and passionate desire to transmit what he has to share to others as comprehensively as he possibly can. It can will the student forward, even when certain aspects do not come easily, and I felt this same impassioned teaching when watching the DVD. It was great to see some of his students also on the film, themselves being corrected, so as to see in various sections of the form where one may potentially veer off course and need guidance.

I consider this DVD to be a very worth-while addition for anyone interested in Taoist health practices, mindful movement and the Chinese internal arts.

Wes Mollison – Equinoxtaichi.com
9th July 2016


by Mariko Hiyama

Master Joe Lok's practice brought me more than just learning the form. Each movement of the Phoenix sequence has profound meanings which transformed me in 3 dimensions, Physical, Mind and Spiritual.

Master Joe Lok's instructions are precise, yet, his instructions are given according to practitioner's individual level and readiness. 

This video is great for beginners who would like to learn the Phoenix form from scratch, even without any prior experiences in Qi Gong or Martial Arts.


If you are planning to join Master Joe Lok's workshops, this DVD gives you a solid foundation to follow his teaching and to follow up your practice at home.

If you are willing to practice at home, this video gives you deep enough details about the Phoenix Qigong from a standing stance to concept of energy movement in each sequence.

I hope to see more people learn this beautiful and powerful sequence.

Mariko Hiyama

11th Oct 2016