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Immortals Crossing the Sea



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Book and DVD Review    Ray Pawlett


I first met Joe in 2015 check, when he started to show me his Qigong system "Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessings".  I immediately found that his unique system of Qigong both supported and enhanced my work as a therapist and martial artist.  His book and DVD were integral to my learning of the system because it gave me a vital reference by which I could measure my progress.

Now, as a teacher for Phoenix Qigong, I am pleased to say that I have learned much from Joe.  I was therefore thrilled to find out that he has created a new DVD and book for another Qigong system called "Immortals Crossing the Sea".


The combination of book and DVD gives both the technical knowledge of how to perform the Qigong sequence and the often missing cultural references to what the forms mean.  So when we are practicing movements like "Immortal Sacred Sword" from the sequence, we not only know how to do the movement but we can understand the symbolic nature of the moves.


This coming together of mind, emotions and body has a powerful healing effect that imparts a deep knowledge to the eager learner of the form.  I can thoroughly recommend the study of "Immortals".


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