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 七 星
Rotation of the Seven Stars
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Human in Harmony with Nature
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七 層 修 煉 功 法

Seven Levels of Refinement

無極  太極  三才  四象  五行  六合  七星

Wuji, Tai Chi, Three Tiers, Four Phases, Five Elements, Six Harmony, Seven Stars

順 應 天 象

according to natural phenomena


無.  無極    虛空

一.  混元    一氣

二.  太極    陰陽運轉

三.  三才    天、地、人

四.  四象    龍、虎、鳳、玄武

五.  五行    金、水、木、火、土

六.  六合   內三合、外三合

七. 七星     轉七星

0. Wuji - emptiness

1. Hunyuan - primordial chaos

2. Tai Chi - yin yang rotation

3. Three Tiers - heaven, earth and human

4. Four Phases - dragon, tiger, phoenix, turtle & snake

5. Five Elements - gold, water, wood, fire, earth

6. Six Harmony - inner three harmony, outer three harmony

7. Seven Stars - Rotation of the Seven Stars

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inner thoughts



The Rotation of the Seven Stars Qigong book and online course offer inner methods to guide the qi energy through particular routes in the body. cover Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 9.28.26 PM.jpg

養生  Health Benefits 








Balance organ functions
Upgrade self healing ability

Realign joints and ease pains

Relieve stress

Drain toxin and rejuvenate

Prevent illness and stay young cover default_1.3.1.jpg

悠閒鍛鍊  自我修為

Practice at your own time. Heal for your own well-being.

混元  Hunyuan  


轉七星首個功法  開門五式

The Open Door Five is the first of the seven forms in the Rotation of the Seven Stars Qigong.



Neither existing nor non-existing, Hunyuan (primordial chaos) was after emptiness but before the universe was formed. 



Some energy had developed but nothing definite had taken any shape.



Yin and yang were not yet divided. The two directions were not certain. The clear and the murky remained mixed in one cluster which kept expanding.



In this qigong form, energy starts to develop and expand in the body, preparing for the rotation in the tai chi form to circulate energy in the body for further healing.

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混元  開門五式
Open Door Five
Instructor in
Newcastle, UK
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太 極 圓 旋
Tai Chi Rotation
Earth and Heaven Rotation

太極  Tai Chi

圓旋 Rotation


Rotation and orbiting is the original force in the universe. Without rotation, heaven and earth might not have been divided.


The force gravity propels the stars to rotate and orbit.



In the universe, anything going straight is heading for self destruction.


三才  Three Tiers


天地既分 人活於其中

Upon the division of heaven and earth, human can live in between.


Four Phases

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Four phases



Illustrating Tao with martial arts


氣行於內  演之以武

The qi energy flows inside the body.

The methods are illustrated through martial arts.

演武導引修煉法  行氣養生自癒功

The methods of Dao Yin (guiding energy) are demonstrated in martial arts.

The flow of energy is practiced for health and healing.

外觀其形  為四瑞獸  

龍  虎  鳳  玄武

The forms as viewed from the outside

demonstrate the characters of the four auspicious animals

Dragon   Tiger   Phoenix   Snake & Turtle



The accomplishments are internal.

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Five Elements






In the practice of qigong, energy is exercised for health and healing.

At the same time, body coordination has to be trained up.

The four limbs must coordinate with each other. Spirit and mind must react together. Mind and qi must act as one.

Movements are executed by qi and strength simultaneously.

Apart from training the body, the mind has to be trained as well.

In addition to practicing qi, body coordination has to be improved too.

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六合  Six Harmony


內三合  Inner three harmony


心與意合  意與氣合. 氣與力合

Mind in harmony with thoughts

Thoughts in harmony with energy

Energy in harmony with power

外三合  Outer three harmony


手與足合  肘與膝合. 肩與跨合

Hands coordinate with feet

Elbows coordinate with knees

Shoulders coordinate with hips

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 七 星   氣 功
Rotation of the Seven Stars
Book and online course

77 個 高清視頻合共 225 分鐘

即是 3 小時 45 分鐘的教學及演示

77 HD videos adding up to 225 minutes

or 3 hours and 45 minutes of instructions and demonstrations

英語講解  中英文字幕

with narrations in English and subtitles in Chinese and English


summarising the qigong fundamentals I have practised for thirty years


reflecting the crucial qigong essentials gathered over my ongoing teaching experience


expressing the qigong methods I consider the most effective in bringing out the health benefits holistically.


"The Rotation of the Seven Stars Qigong is a true masterpiece in the world of Qigong.


I have been studying Qigong and Taiji for over 20 years now, but never before have I come across such a profound and systematic system. Sifu Joe Lok has really managed to combine the best exercises from different systems into a unique Qigong. It includes movements from Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang.

What surprised me very much is the fact that it leads to noticeable results very quickly. And thanks to the excellent quality of the videos, it is easy and fun to learn.

I was also impressed by the profound knowledge that Sifu Joe Lok imparts in the individual exercises as well as in the book.

For me it is the best Qigong I have ever learned and I am very grateful to Sifu Joe Lok for sharing this knowledge with the world.

I can recommend it to anyone who is really interested in learning a profound and functional Qigong system."

Patrick Braun, Germany

25 December 2023

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