Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing
The Healing Qigong 

2. Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing - Commencing Tai Chi 

Hollow and solid and the two directions are divided above and below, left and right. Yin and yang emerges. The central sphere of energy, dan tian, begins to fill. Motive begins to drift.


The form is graceful like phoenix in the sky flowing along with the wind.

Phoenix, the bird of eternity, reincarnates in the bath of fire. The negative is patched up with positive energy leading towards longevity.  

An extract from the book

“Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing”

When I created the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong I decided to make it simple but comprehensive, and most importantly, the rationale behind will be explained.


The form has to develop energy in the first place and bring the energy through the eight extraordinary channels and regulate the energy flow in the 12 meridians of the 12 organs which ensures health and balance.

It would just be an extra bonus if the mystery of “how” energy works on health is revealed.

And the form must be able to direct energy travelling the whole body via the fascia for a general strengthening of the body and drive away pain.


In addition, energy must pass through all the joints to increase agility and prevent bone loss by introducing some joint relaxing elements into the form.


Furthermore energy has to be gathered and accumulated practice after practice. Energy has to circulate all over and later on be consolidated to the core inside the belly.

To keep the practice simple I confined the number of movements by bringing in the five elements, gold, water, wood, fire and earth, to work on the meridians for the benefits of the organs.

Then, a complete form, linking up all the 16 stances is presented for ultimate pleasure of training and demonstration with the flow of energy in a gentle but lively grace.

However simple, the form is comprehensive and found on profound theories and is extremely precise in the postures to be appreciated by all as a valuable reference.

Although the form is not primarily dedicated for martial art, it does improve martial performance because momentum is generated in the practice. The flow of energy in the training is an internal guideline to the martial motions. The filling of energy covering the body helps the sense for reaction. The energy gathered in the practice builds up the core for internal power.


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